World Trademark Review’s popular trademark and brand protection summit is scheduled for December 3, 2021.

The event, WTR Live- The Future of Trademark and Protection, is being held live in London.  Additional sites in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago have been cancelled due to the latest COVID concerns.

The agenda focuses on how to future proof brands and cost-effectively manage the legal function.  Break-out sessions include the following topics and speakers:

1.   Improving for tomorrow: what the future trademark function will look like

Post-covid trademark registration and protection budgets are being looked at with greater scrutiny.  Topics include:

  • Best practices to handle a trademark budget
  • How the future trademark team may differ from today’s practices
  • Career and skills tips for navigating the future landscape

Featured speakers:

  • Lorenzo Litta, CBO and Legal Counsel, Brandit;
  • David Llewellyn,  Head of Trademarks, Arm
  • James Sweeting, Head of Legal, Superdry
  • Sheena Yonker,  Brand Protection Manager, Lipsy

2.   Future proofing your online brand protection strategy

With technology comes more sophisticated bad-actors.  Topics include:

  • New approaches to online brand enforcement
  • Amazon brand registry, Alibaba’s Anti-counterfeiting Alliance, and other marketplace solutions
  • How to manage the brand enforcement relationship with e-commerce and social media platforms

Featured speakers:

  • Claire Jones, Trademark Director, HGF
  • Marilyn Krige, Senior Global Anti-counterfeiting counsel, RB
  • Tom Scourfield, Co-Head of International IP Group, CMS

3.  Beyond cease and desist:  taking a case from online to offline

Brand owners have many options to legally enforce their rights, from Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to court actions.  Topics include:

  • Evaluating moving from online enforcement to offline tactics
  • How to collaborate with third-party brand enforcement partners
  • Justifying brand enforcement ROI and cost management

Featured speakers:

  • Alessandro Cimaschi, Senior Legal Counsel, Orange
  • Jak Cluness, Head of Global Brand Protection, New Era Cap
  • Paul Dicken, Director Brand Protection, Liverpool Football Club
  • Richard Ferguson, IA Director, Stobbs IP

In addition to the above, there will also be a session on litigation best practices.  This will include various aspects of effectively supporting a brand enforcement case, from evidence gathering, to surveys.