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TTI encourages the global trademark community to submit articles of interest or requests to be interviewed.  Being a featured contributor or interviewee is a great way to gain recognition among your peers as an IP thought leader in your jurisdiction.  There is no cost to participate.   [Note: at this time, U.S. lawyers and firms can contribute content by invitation only].

  1. Articles should provide practical know-how on trademark and brand protection law and strategies.
  2. Legal updates, including summaries of law and recent cases, are encouraged.
  3. Article submissions should be 700-1500 words in length and be original, not republished content.
  4. TTI Interviews are conducted via print question/answer format or podcast.
  5. If your submission is accepted, TTI will request that you provide a professional bio and headshot.
  6. TTI reserves the right to edit submissions for grammar, syntax, and length.
  7. By submitting an article or participating in an interview, you grant TTI the right to republish the content, in whole or in part, in TTI and/or other digital and print formats, including social media.