The USPTO is offering its popular Trademark Basics Bootcamp, commencing on August 3, 2021.   Details regarding the first week of the Bootcamp may be found here.

This eight week course provides the essential basics for any new trademark practitioner or small business wishing to increase their practical knowledge of trademark law and practice before the USPTO.

A summary of the program is reproduced below.  Each interactive session is 90 minutes in length.

Week 1:  U.S. trademark fundamentals

  • Common definitions and types of trademarks
  • federal registration benefits
  • How to select a trademark
  • Filing and registration basics

Week 2:  U.S. trademark registration process

  • Trademark basics
  • Application workflow and timeline overview
  • Post-registration workflow overview

Week 3:  U.S. trademark search process

  • Searching using the USPTO TESS database
  • Trademark search principles
  • Strategies for search

Week 4:  U.S. trademark application requirements

  • Goods and services identification
  • Different types of filing bases, including intent to use and use
  • Proper specimens for use-based applications

Week 5:  Filing a U.S. trademark application

  • TEAS electronic trademark filing system basics
  • TEAS helpful pre-filing checklist
  • TEAS Plus portal demonstration

Week 6:  Responding to a U.S. trademark office action

  • Office action basics, including when and why
  • Office action deadlines and requirements
  • How to file a response to an office action
  • Strategies on preparing and filing a successful response

Week 7:   Maintaining a U.S. trademark registration

  • Mandatory post- trademark registration filings
  • Optional post-trademark registration filings
  • Examination requirements of post-trademark registration filings

Week 8:  Question and Answer expert panel

This is a panel lead by Trademark Office examining attorneys and outside trademark experts

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