Managing Intellectual Property‘s Global Trademark Forum takes place this Wednesday,  April 14, 2021.

The all-day virtual event has approximately 200 attendees on average, from in-house trademark counsel, to law firms, and IP and brand protection vendors.  This year’s event focuses on brand management and protection strategies, including online enforcement issues.   Sessions include:

1.  Evolving your brand management strategy

  • Interplay between trademark and copyright law
  • Licensing and commercialization opportunities
  • Social media legal issues

2.  Fighting Fakes and Infringers

  •  How to mitigate counterfeiting and remote enforcement solutions
  •  How blockchain and AI technologies can assist brand enforcement efforts
  •  Digitization and automation of trademarks using big date

3.  Effectively Managing Trademark and Brand Enforcement

  • How and where to register trademarks internationally
  • How to effectively instruct foreign trademark associates
  • When to litigate

The speakers for this event include a wide-variety of international trademark counsel,  both in-house and law firms, as well and other brand protection technology and solutions providers.   Scheduled speakers include:

  • Diane Hamer, Head of Business and Legal Affairs Content and Brand Protection, BBC
  • Lorraine Tay, Head of IP Group, Bird & Bird, Singapore
  • Mary Carragher, Chief Counsel, Global Marketing and Media, Mondolez International
  • Luna Zhang, Senior Counsel, Kangxin Partners, Bejing
  • Zoe Martin, Brand Protection Consultant, Corsearch

This year’s forum will include opportunities for discussion and networking.  Participants will also be given the opportunity to participate in Q&A’s live polling, and breakout sessions.

Editor’s Note:  The use of AI and technology in brand management is top of mind for trademark professionals these days.  I was a featured speaker in a similar CLE event that took place last month.   The program was entitled Effective Brand Protection Strategy, A Comprehensive Guide for Companies, sponsored by The Knowledge Group.